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▿▿ Invisibility is the essence of information technology.
Everything that is too complex or boring for people disappears in the black box.

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Every step can be observed.


Visuelle Maschine presents experimental technical projects, whose main purpose is to rethink the principles of information technology. The combination of technical complexity and uncompromising visualization turns them into visual thought experiments. Playfully they could be described as rethinking devices.



A purely graphical programming language formulates computer programs in the form of visual data structures. Commands and data are visible SVG graphic elements. Each program step can be observed. There is no (invisibly stored) data, which is then displayed in a separate process. Program, data and display are identical. What You See Is What You Compute.

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  • plots (working title)

    do not primarily visualize already existing data, but use geometric elements in a double role: They are not only the display but they themselves serve as information carriers. The plot is not only a visualisation, but also a database.


    implements this approach based on SVG (Scalable Vector Graphics). Data can be extracted from or added to existing SVG graphics. Existing graphics can be used and modified like a primary data structure. SVG is based on XML and each element can be interpreted on both levels, graphically and as data. The graphic becomes the data structure.

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  • Graphical Transcripts for Recording Design Sessions

    Gesturing Hands + Graphical Transcript For a research project on sketching in architectural design I developed a graphical notation system for observing and recording architectural designers when making conceptual sketches. It marks the point of departure for this series of projects, which all put Graphic Thinking (Paul Laseau, 1989) at the core of their conception.

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  • References

    Laseau, Paul. (1989). Graphic thinking for architects and designers (Second ed.). New York: VNR Van Nostrand Reinhold.